Christian Bible Ministries

Christian Bible Ministries

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This section addresses questions about CBM.

For Bible Related questions see the bible study section

  1. There are so many bible versions. Why yet a new one?

      • Matthew 10:8 talks about how to spread the Word of God: freely. Currently, bible versions fall into one of two categories: Free but in old English or for a price that includes publishers price mark-ups. In the age of electronic books we believe that there should be an easy to read, ebook Bible that is free. Period.

  2. Who is behind this organization?

      • CBM was started by a group of Christian men who believe in the importance of the Bible and the mission of CBM

  3. Is CBM a recognized as a tax-exempt organization?

      • Yes

  4. Is the CBM Copyrighted?

      • The CBM Bible is copyrighted. However, you may copy, publish, proclaim, distribute, redistribute, sell, give away, quote, memorize, read publicly, broadcast, transmit, share, back up, post on the Internet, print, reproduce, preach, teach from, and use the CBM Bible as much as you want, and others may also do so. All we ask is that you don't change the actual text of the CBM Bible in any way and that you must disclose the source as a "Christian Bible Ministries Foundation" and the Bible version as a "CBM Bible Version #[x]".

        If you find any errors within the bible please send them to us. These will be updated and published in the version history.